Day minus 8: Shaving party! Bye bye long hair…

door Tanja
HSCT Blog - Shaving party

What a day! Neckline in the morning, shaving party in the afternoon. ‍Notice any difference?  And we’ve got such an amazing group sticking together pulling everyone through. Today was emotional. Laughing and crying at the same time. But just happy tears! We’re finally getting to the point of stopping this horrible disease!

I love to use the following poem, but it is actually in Dutch. Translated it means:

“The Autumn tree in the forrest
was letting go of it’s leaves.
Because, he whispered upset,
letting go is necessary,
to become stronger in life.”


The photos show how great it is how all the patients pull each other through. We made ourselves comfortable in Philippa’s room with a nice drink and some music. Nurse Nadya came to shave us all. We actually do this out of precaution and hygiene, not because we have to. The point is that we can no longer wash our hair because the neckline must remain dry. We can only wash ourselves up to our armpits. In addition, during the isolation period it will be easier to deal with these short hairs falling out instead of long bundles of hair on our pillows and on our room. Afterwards Dr. Fedorenko came to take a look at our cozy “Shaving Party”. You better make the best of it. 😉


Click on the images to open the gallery including explanations:

Prachtig voorbeeld van het mooie contact tussen ons patienten.
In Philippa's kamer wachten we op de verpleegster.
Zuster Nadya verdeelt mijn haar in staartjes.
Staart voor staart wordt alles eraf geschoren.
Alles is eraf!
De staarten liggen bij m'n voeten.
Dit blijf ik een zeer krachtige foto vinden. 🙂
Samen hebben we het gezellig gemaakt met een muziekje.
Dr. Fedorenko kwam even een kijkje nemen bij onze 'Shaving Party'.


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