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Hello! I am Elisa, 34 years old, mother of a toddler and babydaughter and diagnosed with MS since May 2014. Since then, the MS keeps me quite in its grip and I try to look into all sorts of MS related things such as practical problems and medication. Blogging about MS and how I try to combine this disease with motherhood gives me an outlet but also an opportunity to deal with this nasty disease. Obviously, every now and then the diagnosis gets to me and I feel like putting the whole MS topic to rest for a while. For that reason, I chose to blog under my 2nd name Elisa for a bit of privacy. But nevertheless, you are always free to send me a message 🙂


Multiple Sclerosis is a nasty disease and from time to time it can make you feel very lonely despite the many people that may be around you, after all, they do not have your MS. I came to notice that I can get a lot of support and comfort from reading blogs and experience stories. You feel a connected and it provides me the tools to properly talk and discuss my medical evaluations and decisions with the doctors. I would love to return the favor and try to offer a helping hand to other ‘MS warriors’ (and families and friends which might be interested). Especially mothers or women with a child wish might run into additional uncertainties and questions.


Initially, it was my intention to blog in Dutch only, but over time I received some requests for English translations. I recently started translating my blogs so not all of them are available yet. Also, I wrote many notes and stories which still need to be added to this blog site. All I can say, have fun reading and just a little more patience for the other articles… 😉


Please note, my articles are written from personal experience and perspective and should therefore not be seen as medical facts. Also, every MS patient is unique and does not have equal symptoms. For important matters you should always consult a doctor or neurologist.



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